2008 Ambassadeur 6500CS Rocket / CL

Long throw type of the size that is most suitable for basket fishing.  CS rocket equipped with a mechanism of trust in the round shave body of blue silver color that makes even the elegance drift. The high operability achieved by sticking to the details of the parts has become a standard item such as car fishing that requires long throw performance. CS Rocket Chrome is a model with chromed side plates, a popular type for veteran anglers. CL is a basic large ambassador with a small number of bearings. CL and CS rocket chrome are equipped with a counterbalance handle as standard.

● Line alarm
● Push button
● Free spool
● Synchronized level wind
● 6 point type centrifugal force brake
● Instant anti-reverse
● Reverse cast design
● Multi disc star drag
● Brass main gear
● Stainless steel ball bearing
● Stainless level wind counter balance single handle (CL. CS Rocket Chrome)