ESS / X45 / 3DX / High density HVF carbon / All-titanium frame SiC guide

A collaboration project between Heartland’s 20th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of “Rod and Reel” magazine. The aim is to adapt the 4oz class, which is the largest size of Big Bait handled by shore fishing, with a delicacy that can handle even 5g light texas and punch shot rigs that are used extensively in cover shooting at Okappari. In addition to dealing with everything from light Texas cover shooting to Big Bait max size (4 oz class) in one reader’s opinion, it is possible to give presentation accurately to the throwing ease and cover of Big Bait While having the necessary delicacy in the cover shot, and a rod that is hard to penetrate. Succeeded in realizing this with Daiwa’s Kansei Domain Design System “ESS”. Adopting the first fast taper design in the Heartland series to maximize the performance required for the rod. By stiffening the tip of the tip and making it a fast taper that does not vent the tip, the stack is dodged and the cast is finished in a condition that is easy to put on the weight of the rod.

Heartland 651M / MHRB-RR17 / 6101H / XHFB-RR17


Both are 20 years old. A classic shore fishing created by collaboration
A collaboration between Heartland and Rod & Reel magazine, which celebrated their 20th anniversary. The basis was the results of a survey by readers of “Rod & Reel” magazine, and the project was started from that point. The majority of requests were for basic performance, such as “versatile” in shore fishing, followed by “easiness to throw” and “hardness to root”. In other words, there was a demand for practicality to use any level of angler without stress. Development was advanced based on the data, and two rods were completed by making full use of Daiwa’s original sensitivity area design system “ESS”. 651M / MHRB-RR17 REAL VERSATILE and 6101H / XHFB-RR17 EXTRA HEAVY VERSATILE.

The 651M / MHRB-RR17 REAL VERSATILE is the ultimate versatile rod that can be used in the defense range from bait finesse such as cat rig to 1oz class big bait and wake bait. Name it “Real Versatile”. In addition to meeting the angler’s request for “any rod”, it also has ease of use that is easy to throw and hard to root. High elastic HVF is adopted for the blank, and the tip has M power and the bat has MH power balance by adopting a fast taper design. By not mounting 3DX that returns quickly after bending, it became possible to throw lures of any weight without changing the release point. At the same time, the blank powered up with the whole body X45 has excellent cast accuracy.

6101H / XHFB-RR17 EXTRA HEAVY VERSATILE is an “Extra Heavy Versatile” that handles 5g Texas rigs to 4oz Big Bait. Easily throw big bait and cast accuracy with cover shooting. The blank adopts high elastic HVF and adopts a fast taper design to realize the power balance of tip for H power and bat for XH. It is equipped with a 3DX that returns quickly, and even big baits with large air resistance can be cast powerfully and accurately.

Heartland’s Murakami produced model is Murakami’s tone that creates a bending curve that does not stagnate from the tip of the tip to the original, but this collaboration model adopts the first fast taper design of Heartland. The tip of the tip was stiffened so that it did not vent, and the stack was swept away, making it easier to place the weight on the rod when casting. Both can be said to be a long-awaited item for shore fishing fans with excellent practicality and cost performance.

Specification details
■ Guide
651M adopts all titanium frame SiC, 6101H adopts all stainless steel frame SiC double foot guide

“45 °” is the best for preventing X45 twist .Optimal structure to prevent twisting that revolutionizes power and operability
■ 3DX
Because it has the same strength against the force from all directions, the 3-axis cross with excellent shape restoring force * Only 6101H / XHFB-RR17 is used
■ Reel sheet
Easy to hold even with any reel, and uses a well-established original reel sheet

Medallion with Batend Rod & Reel logo and 20th anniversary logo
■ Cross
bag with crossback faux leather piping.Includes Rod & Reel logo and 20th anniversary logo