Murakami analyzes Lake Biwa as follows. “Bold and delicate” is the key word for fishing in the present Lake Biwa. The number of anglers has increased. As a result, the number of fish is reduced and the number is reduced, but the fish of the fish can be caught. The secret that can be monopolized is gone, and it is not in the period when it rolls normally and it does not come in. Therefore, tossed with Dawn and politely fishing … such fishing has become effective? Specifically, I imagine the habit.

Not only Kansai, but all over Japan are looking at Japan’s Mother Lake. There is a lot of attention abroad. Many anglers came from afar. So the idea of ​​two pieces convenient for movement is born. And on the premise that it will not be fishing unless it is “bold and delicate”, the element “far throw” is firstly highlighted. In environments where the fish is thin, long throw is an essential element. First of all, long throw at the beach is a style. That alone makes me feel good. In addition, a heavy Carolina rig will be effective to approach the fish more delicately. That means we need a “hard and soft” eyebrow with a hard but manageable thin tip. Thus was born “HAYATE BIWAKO SPEC.” It can be said that the desire for the HL-Z 741 HRB-T Heavy Carolina Special, which has brought the world to fishing in Hama, has brought about this habit, but it can be said that it makes sense in light of the latest fishing.

The blank adopts super sense SVF COMPILE-X, and aims at sharp wind cutting with # 01 Tubular Power Slim, and # 02 with 2 dimensions of suitable material and right place using magnum taper which produces intense butt power . Of course, the joint is a V joint that Daiwa boasts. Show a beautiful bend comparable to one piece. Furthermore, the X45 which is covered in the whole body in order to arm the torque strength which can not be played on the big bus strongly with twist is also added, and the acuracy at the time of cast does not be blurred even if it repeats a full cast all day. The guide is a small caliber original setting of the village upstream distance throw specification. The line was covered with a cocoon, creating a pleasant operation like a strip rod. Kimo is versatile. Meets the basic requirements of shore fishing by supporting all the rigs, including the snake snakes mentioned above, vibration, crank baits, spinner baits and minnows. For example, Hebi-Caro is thrown far from the far side of the sea, and the bottom is slipped. Then the ear tip will surely feel the bottom … “HAYATE BIWAKO SPEC.” Is such a good habit.

[SVF COMPILE-X / X45 / V-JOINT / TUBULARPOWERSLIM / MAGNUM TAPER / All-titanium frame SiC guide]
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The tradition of “fish fishing” is with a constant heart

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 image ■ Sensitive area design system When the “ESS”
rod bends, it generates energy (restoring force) that tries to rise in the opposite direction to its direction. This is the “strain energy” that a deformed (strained) blank tends to recover, and is a very important factor that affects the performance of the crucible. “ESS” is Daiwa’s unique system that analyzes and designs this invisible “strain energy”. As well as clearly grasping “Who is better” and “Which is missing” numerically, it has become possible to analyze and digitize the area called expert’s sensibility and reflect it in the rod.
image ■ SVF COMPILE X (※ 742 HRB-SV12) In
carbon sheet which most influences rod performance, weight reduction, power up, and slimming are realized by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely packing carbon fiber. The strong repulsive force brings sharp swing-out performance and high sensitivity that lure action can be taken as it gets.
image ■ High density HVF carbon (※ 651M / MHRB-RR17, 6101H / XHFB-RR17) In the
carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, Daiwa is an adhesive that combines carbon fiber as well as high elasticity of carbon fiber itself. Pay attention to the amount of resin. “High-density HVF carbon”, which reduces the amount of resin that can be called carnage and increases the density of carbon fiber instead, has become a more muscular and powerful material.
image ■ HVF Nanoplus (* 6101MRB-18, 721HRB-18)
Nanoplus is a Toray that achieves high performance of resin by special technology that mixes resin (resin) that binds carbon fibers in nanometer order. NanoAlloy® Technology Co., Ltd., a technology that optimizes each model with Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing method, enabling the blanks to be made stronger and lighter. This further increases the performance of high-density HVF carbon.
image ■ X45 竿 produces
a slight “twist” in a series of fishing flows such as during operation, exchange, and withdrawal.When the heel is twisted, various demerits such as operability and reduced power occur.Therefore, the “X45” prevents twisting. The ± 45 ° bias cross thoroughly prevents twisting, improving operability, power and stability, and dramatically improving the performance of the kite.

“3DX” is a 3-axis fabric that demonstrates the shape stability and resilience of 3DX carbon material. A carbon sheet with a honeycomb structure in which regular hexagons are lined up, and has the same strength against forces from all directions, so it has excellent shape restoring force (= power to return to its original shape when wrinkles) It is an ideal support material for increasing the bat power of the rod.
Daiwa’s unique bias structure is used for the V-joint joint . Achieves a smooth bend at the mating section, improving power, response and sensitivity Smooth connection like a one-piece rod allows the rod’s original power to be exhibited without loss.
image ■ TUBULAR POWER SLIM (Tubular Power Slim) Tubular Power Slim, which is made of
high-density HVF graphite, is thin and long.
image ■ MAGNUM TAPER (magnum taper)
A bat with a metallic sensitivity and power suitable for being called tough, created by a steep taper design that seems unnatural, enables powerful hooking with a heavy cover.
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