As the philosopher says, “The angler’s desire is insane,” says Murakami Haruhiko. Even if you are fishing in front of the lake, if you can see “beyond” far away, the angler will want to send you a rig. You’ll want to explore an unknown territory, perhaps Eldorado. If you just want to throw, use a seabass rod. However, until now, there was nothing when it was a rod that moved the lure 100m ahead, took a bite, and did not give control to the fighting fish. Furthermore, at such a distance, the line is stretched and the lure cannot be acted on, and it is not possible to match the byte directly. That’s where the PE line is highlighted. It was natural that Murakami, who had been paying attention to the advantages for a long time, entrusted the possibility of a super long throw rod to the PE line. That is the PE PERFORMANCE concept.

The work that was created was HL 802MHFS-SV13 Shinki BIWAKO SPEC. The timeless famous HL-Z 742 MFS-Ti06 Based on the earthquake slasher, it has evolved into a super long throw 2-piece spinning rod dedicated to Lake Biwa. A K guide was used for the tip, and a Y guide was used for the bat. The length of 8 feet is compatible with the long leader snake caro. In the test, the long throwing ability of 120m on the 0.8 PE line was tremendous. SVF COMPILE-X is adopted, and the power that puts X45 on the whole body which suppresses twist to the limit is outstanding. The face of the fish that tries to escape into the overgrown weed is directed to the angler, and it has the forcible ability to pull out.

Not only that, it also works with a trick that allows you to fly a light rig. It’s a trick you can do because the reel is down. In addition, the tip will do the job well, so minnow twitches will also be skillful. In other words, it is a mysterious rod that combines power and delicacy. But this is “an essential condition for spinning hard rods,” says Murakami. A beautiful bending curve that survives the earthquake is alive and well thanks to the fusion of V-JOINT and the spatula that are unique to Heartland. Heartland’s conceiting “I’m drunk with a beard’s bend” isn’t a bit frustrating. In this way, Murakami himself made Sao pushing the drums as “interesting”. Although it is dedicated to Lake Biwa, it is also suitable for fishing in the taiga. “If combined with spinning reels in the 3000s, I think we can open up a new world…” Haruhiko Murakami’s desire also seems to be endless.

[X45 / SVF COMPILE-X / TUBULARPOWERSLIM / V-Joint / All Titanium Frame SiC Guide]
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The tradition of “fish fishing” is with a constant mind.

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image ■ Sensitivity area design system “ESS = Expert Sense Simulation” When the
rod is bent, energy (restoring force) is generated that tends to occur in the opposite direction.This is the “strain energy” that a deformed (strained) blank tends to recover, and is a very important factor that affects the performance of the crucible. “ESS” is Daiwa’s unique system that analyzes and designs this invisible “strain energy”. As well as clearly grasping “Who is better” and “Which is missing” numerically, it has become possible to analyze and digitize the area called expert’s sensibility and reflect it in the rod.
image ■ SMT (Super Metal Top)
Super elastic titanium alloy “SMT” is supple and sensitive. He / she conveys atari well for vision (eye sensitivity) and tactile sense (hand sensitivity). The super-titanium alloy, which is flexible and has excellent properties to transmit vibration for a long time, is hybridized with carbon and glass materials to achieve optimal tone and weight reduction for each application.
image ■ X45 竿 produces
a slight “twist” in a series of fishing flows such as during operation, exchange, and withdrawal.When the heel is twisted, various demerits such as operability and reduced power occur.Therefore, the “X45” prevents twisting. The ± 45 ° bias cross thoroughly prevents twisting, improving operability, power and stability, and dramatically improving the performance of the kite.
image ■ SVF COMPILE X (* 802MHFS-SV13) The
carbon sheet that has the greatest influence on rod performance has reduced the amount of resin (resin) and densely packed carbon fiber to achieve weight reduction, power-up and slimming.The strong repulsive force brings sharp swing-out performance and high sensitivity that lure action can be taken as it gets.
image ■ High density HVF carbon (* 671LFS-18, 802MHFS-SV13) For
carbon sheets that have the greatest impact on rod performance, Daiwa not only increases the elasticity of the carbon fiber itself, but also an adhesive resin that combines the carbon fibers (resin) Pay attention to the amount. “High-density HVF carbon”, which reduces the amount of resin that can be called carnage and increases the density of carbon fiber instead, has become a more muscular and powerful material.
image ■ HVF Nanoplus (* 671LFS-18)
Nanoplus is Toray Industries, Inc.’s nanoalloy that has achieved high-performance resin using a special technology that mixes resin (resin) that combines carbon fibers in nanometer order. ®Technology-compatible materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing method, enabling the blanks to be made stronger and lighter. This further increases the performance of high-density HVF carbon.
By adopting a bias structure carbon sheet at the joint of the V-joint rod, it realizes a beautiful bend with as little distortion as a one-piece rod. Compared to unmounted ones, the speed of return from power, tension, and bend is greatly improved, creating an ideal viscosity enhancer.With the exquisite balance of delicacy and forcing, you can treat a big one with a margin.
image ■ TUBULAR POWER SLIM (Tubular Power Slim) Tubular Power Slim, which is made of
high-density HVF graphite, is thin and long.
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