GT2RS-C71MH Super Stallion GT2RS

Super Stallion GT2RS

The latest is not always the best.
A curly gouge that represents Kaleido’s practicalism that revived the old-style guide, straight and fore grip.

Super Stallion GT2RS

A big taper heavyweight versatile rod and super stallion that is indispensable for monster games that exhibit overwhelming long throwing power and transmission sensitivity amplification ability that are excellent for all large scrolls, especially soft swim baits of 1 oz or more and big baits. Kureido representing the kaleido is set to vibration amplification specialized type by mixing up the latest materials and old-fashioned materials. It was reborn as Super Stallion GT2RS, a super-high sensitivity, large scroll & swim bait rod suitable for the lower stance.

The blanks are mainly made of TORAYCA® T1100G, a high-strength, high-modulus carbon, and some ultra-high-elastic 40-ton carbon is used. Furthermore, the tip part is tightened by 45 degrees and the bat part is tightened by 30 degree super quattrocross to reinforce the whole body. The tenacity of 15% or more was achieved without changing the overall weight from the previous model.

To the latest blanks, the guide has inherited the double foot LN type of large-diameter titanium frame SiC ring that was adopted for the first Kaleido Super Stallion. The total number of guides is 9 which can be said to be quite small in terms of current theory for a length of 7 feet 1 inch. The intention is not only to consider the frequency of use of thick lines when using large lures and the smoothness during discharge, but also the larger guide diameter and the smaller number increase the degree of freedom of the line, and the vibration of the scroll is more In addition to being felt large and clear, it is possible to cope with a high level of fishing for swim baits and big baits that use slack lines. RS limited series AAA champagne cork

is used for the grip, but the straight type that is standard for GT series is adopted. In addition, the fore grip is the only exception in the initial lineup of both the RS Limited and GT series.

A cork material with a vibration amplification effect that absorbs air like an acoustic guitar, and a straight grip with a large surface area, and even a fore grip, the improvement in sensitivity transmission is overwhelming. In addition, the straight grip further improves the rigidity of the high taper, making it ideal for casting as a large roll and swim bait rod, vibration & bite detection, and hooking.

A combination of the latest materials, old-fashioned parts, and a design that seems to be one epoch at a glance, arrived as a result of narrowing down the materials and parts to make the best super stallion. The Super Stallion GT2RS bearing the special name GT2RS is one proof that the latest = not the best, and is purely the result of seeking the best.

<Corresponding lure & rig>
Braided jig / Swimbait / Big bait / Deep crank bait / Heavy spinner bait / Jig with guard / Football jig / Texas rig / Heavy Carolina rig etc…

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Hybrid and high taper design of 33 ton carbon (approx. 92%) and 40 ton high elasticity carbon applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high strength and high modulus carbon fiber “Treca®“ T1100G ”” . Not only is it strong and powerful, it also has light, sharp, high sensitivity and outstanding operability.

In addition, the whole body is reinforced with Super Quattro cloth (4-axis seat). For the part from the top to the bottom of the former guide, a ± 45 ° manufacturing method that effectively suppresses twisting by avoiding unnecessary weight increase, and for the bat part ± 30 °, which has higher density of diagonal reinforcement and exerts greater power Hybrid full wrapping specification using manufacturing method.

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① ground Cobra product development concept – the concept – overturn the stereotypes that have been embodied by a time of epoch-making material in 20 years

② [Video] “trading cards ®” T1100G ”] 180 ° pull-in strength test 

Guide system
All double foot guide specification that doubles the area of ​​the guide foot and thread, strengthens bending and twisting, and improves toughness and rigidity.

Furthermore, instead of the latest small-diameter titanium frame / torzite ring guide, the old large-diameter LN guide (titanium frame / SiC ring) is set with a minimum number of guides for the blank length. Vibration can be felt greatly when the line is violated between guides or in the guide ring.

Fore grip
Equipped with cork material fore grip. In addition to improving the rigidity between the bat and the grip, it also has the effect of improving the vibration transmission force.

Reel seat design
The reel seat uses a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel sheet that is easy to grasp and has a blank touch method that emphasizes sensitivity.

Black mica color is applied to create a special texture.

As with the RS Limited series, the GT2RS, which also draws on the flow of the RS Limited series, includes the signature of Katsutaka Imae as a proof that Katsutaka Imae has a special specification (limited version) for use in tournaments.

Grip design
Straight double handle grip with AAA champagne cork. Cork material that has high hardness and contains a lot of air improves sensitivity transmission and creates a feeling of rigidity when casting and hooking large lures that require power.

The grip end is fitted with an original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif.

Original rod cover

Super Stallion GT2RS comes with a thin original rod cover that covers the blank part, apart from the usual bag. It can be installed even when a rod is attached to a reel, or when a lure or rig is set, so it is convenient when loading into a car or boat, or when moving the point of Okappari.

Professional staff impressions

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High taper extreme “Super Stallion GT2RS”. An absolute classic that inherits its name from generation to generation. ……

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