Light concept with aluminum frame that can be used with salt, New 2-pin type Infini brake, lightweight bait casting reel

An aluminum frame is used in consideration of tough cranking and salt use.

Despite being tough, lightweight 149g is realized.

In addition, it is equipped with an Infini brake that combines magnet and centrifugal brakes that can be adjusted according to the wind resistance.

It is a bait casting reel with operability obtained by lightness and casting performance obtained by fusion.

The gear ratio is set to 7.1 which is almighty and 6.4 which is most suitable for cranking.



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REVO ALC-IB brake setting and thread winding amount

・ For the magnet setting and centrifugal brake setting, set the dial to the MAX position and gradually set it weaker. There are some cases that cannot be returned due to backlash.
・ When using a thread thinner than the 8lb line, set the brake to a higher level. Backlash may cause a gap between the spool and the frame.
-Set the mechanical brake so that there is no play beside the spool. If the thread floats, lightly tighten it.

Lure type Recommended settings Recommended content
Centrifugal brake Magnet brake
7g Shad, Minnow, Crankbait, Top Water Plug, etc. One ON Strong settings 8lb-75m using lower winding guide line
Light Texas rig with a total weight of around 7g etc. One ON Strong settings
Shad, minnow, crankbait, top water plug etc. One ON Strong settings
Texas rig etc. with a total weight of around 10g or more 2 ON Weak settings
Response to the resistance of the wind easy Bazubeito
and spinnerbait
2 ON Strong settings

[Kimken style land setting reel setting]

[“If he got off the boat” Tsuguhiko Komori vol5, Kumano area, Mie Prefecture]

  • Ultralight 149g
  • C6 side plate
  • Ultra super duralumin gear
  • Carbon Matrix Drag & Drag Clicker
  • Big flat EVA knob & 90mm crank carbon handle
  • Replacement colored nut plate & special tool
  • X-CRAFTIC frame
  • Infini brake system
  • φ32mm spool
  • HPCR ball bearing
  • Infini spool design
  • 12lb-100m spool (with lower volume line for 8lb-75 / 8lb-100 / 10lb-100m)


  • X-CRAFTIC frame

    X-CRAFTIC frame

    The aluminum frame is designed to the limit while reducing the strength without reducing the strength. Material setting taking into account the stability of retrieval in cranking and tough use in salt.

  • C6 side plate

    C6 side plate

    Unique new material C6 carbon is an engineering plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, whose rigidity is comparable to magnesium. The use of this material has resulted in significant weight savings without sacrificing strength and durability.

  • Infini brake system (spool side)

    Infini brake system (spool side)

    The ALC is equipped with a 2-pin centrifugal brake for the Infini brake system. A setting that minimizes weight and takes into account the response to lightweight lures. A centrifugal brake that uses a spring mechanism for each block of the brake system and a high-performance magnet brake system can be used together.

  • Infini brake system (plate side)

    Infini brake system (plate side)

    It is safe even when you are worried about line troubles in a head wind. This is a brake system that combines the advantages of a centrifugal brake and a magnetic brake on a single reel.

  • Soft clutch

    Soft clutch

    The clutch mechanism was reviewed from the ground up to realize a soft clutch with good operating performance. The degree of fatigue due to repeated operations of the day can be reduced.

  • Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    The weight of the spool that determines the casting performance. The spool became lighter by changing from the conventional MGX equipped φ33mm to φ32mm. Approximately 8.2 g without bearings and pins. While analyzing the strength, the thoroughly reduced spool gained a different dimension of cast feel and casting performance in synergy with the Infini brake.

  • Recessed reel foot

    Recessed reel foot

    The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile. Height from the foot is about 38mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

  • Low pro

    Low pro

  • Carbon Matrix Drag & Drag Clicker

    Carbon Matrix Drag & Drag Clicker

    Abu Garcia’s proprietary carbon matrix drag washer enables a higher drag force while maintaining smooth performance over a wide range. By introducing the clicker, it is possible to grasp the speed drawn from the drag and exchange while being aware of the line break.

  • Big flat EVA knob

    Big flat EVA knob

    Uses a large, lightweight flat knob for stable retrieval and power.

  • 90mm crank carbon handle

    90mm crank carbon handle

    The handle arm is 90mm long and powerful.

  • Replacement colored nut plate (with tool)

    Replacement colored nut plate (with tool)

    Includes 4 color nut plates. It can be combined with Abu Garcia’s fantasista rod as an accent or treated like a line memory.