Spool diameter 40mm, compact size WM50 size added!

Large diameter gear, high speed, double big round knob mounted, low-probate casting reel. For every big game!

A low-pro-type baitcasting reel for large fish such as shore jigging, monsters, and thunderfish.

This model is ideal for big casting games such as jig shore jigs equivalent to 100g, casting games using big plugs in salt water, and frog games of thunderfish.

Maximum winding length 95cm!

[World Monster series]

  • Large diameter brass dura gear
  • Semi-synchronized level wind
  • Infinimax brake system
  • With click mechanism, mechanical brake knob, drag knob
  • 1/3, 1/4 split lower volume guide line
  • Power stack carbon matrix
  • Backup ratchet stopper
  • 105mmC-C Double Round Big Knob
  • X-Craftic aluminum frame & crank side plate


  • Large diameter brass dura gear

    Large diameter brass dura gear

    Equipped with a tough large-diameter brass gear, the diameter is 17% greater than that of a big shooter, and the thickness has been greatly increased from 4.2mm to 5.2mm. The durability and strength have been improved, and strong gears can be used for fighting with a safe big game.

  • Power stack carbon matrix drag

    Power stack carbon matrix drag

    Normally, when there are three drag washers, only three surfaces on one side are effective. On the other hand, irregularities on the outer diameter of the drag washer provide two surfaces, which are two surfaces more than normal, and five surfaces are effective. It offers excellent drag performance as well as maximum drag.

  • Semi-synchronized level wind

    Semi-synchronized level wind

    To emphasize the casting performance, a method was adopted in which the level wind was synchronized when the drag was pulled out as much as it was wound after the cast landed. The level wand pins have a DLC coating to further improve durability.

  • Low profile body

    Low profile body

    For long fishing of large reels, the palming performance is also a great performance to reduce the degree of fatigue. Low profile body that takes advantage of the low pro type.

  • Spool comparison

    Spool comparison

    The 60 size has a spool diameter of 45mm and a height of 52mm, and the newly added 50 size has a spool diameter of 40mm and a height of 48mm.

  • Side cover comparison

    Side cover comparison

  • Backup ratchet stopper

    Backup ratchet stopper

    In addition to a one-way bearing at the base of the handle, a ratchet-type backup ratchet is used in combination to prepare for a big game.

  • Infinimax brake system

    Infinimax brake system

    A brake system that uses both a magnetic brake and a centrifugal brake. Fine brake setting is possible according to the air resistance characteristics of the cast object. For a lure with high air resistance, the magnet brake can be used to the fullest, and for a jig with low air resistance, a centrifugal brake can be used. The centrifugal brake can finely adjust the braking force of the six brakes by employing three springs. The brake system is compatible with all types of lures such as jigs, large plugs, and frogs.

  • 105mmC-C Double Round Big Knob

    105mmC-C Double Round Big Knob

    Two large EVA round knobs, suitable for big games, contrary to the power of appearance. Once used, you will become accustomed to its comfort and become an essential specification in power games.

  • 1/3, 1/4 split lower volume guide line

    1/3, 1/4 split lower volume guide line

    In consideration of various line uses, a guide line for lower winding of 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the thread winding amount is machined on the side of the spool. It is easy to examine the troublesome, lower volume guideline. It becomes possible to just fit a suitable line capacity, and it is possible to make the most of the advantage of the maximum diameter of the spool.