Limited7 supervised by Ima Pro, equipped with not only bait finesse but also a chatter bait and a light crank compatible gear ratio of 7.1.

limited7_banner.jpgThe various functions and the gear ratio of 7.1, centered on the zero brake, expand the range of new fishing strategies.

Revo LTZ “ Let’s approach the secret of LTZ realizing the ultimate bait finesse ” special site!

ltz_special_6120.jpgKatsutaka Imae Produce, Abu Garcia, Bait Finesse Factory Tuned Model New!

Brake tune by Imae Pro, which can shift smoothly from casting to pitching,

Dedicated bearings and spare shallow spools are included to handle from tournament use to landing.

The ultimate bait finesse reel stuck!

Product features

  • Zero brake system
  • aluminum frame
  • BF-XT bearing
  • BFC light finesse knob
  • Crank carbon handle
  • Soft clutch
  • 10 ball bearing
  • Mechanical brake with click mechanism
  • C6 carbon fused side plate
  • Super duralumin drive gear
  • Drag Gricker
  • Super shallow spool (body 8lb-50m)
  • 8lb-100m replacement spool included


  • Zero brake system

    Zero brake system

    A bait reel that allows a smooth transition from casting to pitching. The philosophy underlying the zero brake system is such a wide range, in other words, versatility. LTZ’s basic mag brake is “0 position” with 2.3g Aberaba & Uncle Goby, 7-8lb fluoro 55 roll standard, and pitching and casting are both compatible without stress.

  • aluminum frame

    aluminum frame

    The super lightweight body and the aluminum frame which realizes the robustness and the amazing weight of 163g of its own weight realizes the robust body.

  • BF-XT bearing

    BF-XT bearing

    Abu Garcia’s first genuine tuning bearing that improves the rotation performance of the spool. The lure can be cast with a low trajectory, making it ideal for pitching, skipping, and covering. It can handle not only bait finesse with light lures but also heavy lures of 2oz or more, so it can be used widely for bait casting reels. In addition, since it can be used in seawater, we hope that salt anglers will utilize it.

  • Gear ratio 7.1: 1

    Gear ratio 7.1: 1

    Combination of zero brake and BF-XT bearing. It excels not only in lightweight lures, but also in middleweight lures such as chatters and light cranks. By matching with the almighty gear ratio of 7.1 gears, it is effective for fishing other than bait finesse.

  • Reel body (front view)

    Reel body (front view)

  • Crank carbon handle & BFC light finesse knob

    Crank carbon handle & BFC light finesse knob

  • Reel body (top view)

    Reel body (top view)

  • Reel body (back angle)

    Reel body (back angle)