Features of the custom base machine “14 Kronark”.

The “Kronark” is
the naming that was attached to the US model that was popular in the hometown of bass fishing for many years in the United States . A versatile model with a high-strength brass gear that emphasizes durability

while maintaining versatility with a 34φ spool

It is
“14 Kronark” that this model got light weight performance and landed in reverse .

This is when KTF tunes “14 Kronark”!

“14 Kronark” is a lightweight product with high durability .

The “versatile finesse” concept
cultivated by KTF at 13,07 Metanium was adopted for the tuning

The G1 duralumin and design know-how helped to achieve a
sharp spool response while ensuring the required amount of spool

* 14 SVS puller for the exclusive use of Chronark