Features of the custom base machine “Revo LTX-BF8”.

In 2016, Abu’s bait finesse machine “LTX” was remodeled.
Debuted as “LTX-BF8”.

The size of the body is smaller and the weight is 129 grams, the lightest in its class. The spool diameter has also been changed to 32 mm.

In addition, the aluminum body “ALC-BF7” is also debuting at the same time as a brother model of “LTX-BF8” which has a magnesium body exclusively for freshwater.

“Revo LTX-BF8” changes like this with “KAHEN”!

The “LTX-BF8” has evolved spool diameter and body for bait finesse. The tune is a development concept that further evolves the good points acquired by this model.

The fine-tuning of the spool bobbin, which greatly contributes to response, goes beyond simply reducing the weight of the spool, and has continued to be used.

In addition, the introduction of “KAHEN” has enabled variable brake settings such as strong brake power at full input with full cast and sharp rotation that thoroughly pursues response during pitching.

We have achieved both pitching and full casting at a higher level than ever before.