Another KTF spool for Daiwa 34Φ model!

Following the KVA Spool “Versatile Finesse” that has been in production for a long time in 2018, the “NEO” spool that can handle a wide weight range of lures has been introduced, with more line capacity secured.

Of course, as the line capacity increases, special brake settings are set. It has both a strong braking force that suppresses backlash and a light feeling of use.

The KTF Versatile NEO spool Daiwa can also be installed on many models of a wide range of ages.

You can enjoy the performance unique to KTF with various reels you have.

Features of KTF Versatile NEO spool Daiwa

The strongest combination of strength and precision that uses the strongest G1 duralumin in history for the bobbin material and stainless steel for the spool shaft.

Spool weight including KAHEN unit is 7.3g. Spool bearing is IXA ceramic ball bearing.
Withstands improved response and high load.

Line capacity is about 80m with 12 pounds of fluorocarbon.

And by adopting the KAHEN brake system, it controls the approach of the induct rotor due to the magnetic force depending on the strength of rotation. It gives you a lightness for strong-style fishing by freely pulling out good rotation performance and large backlash prevention braking force.