[Sensitive area design system “ESS” / X45 (= X torque) / 3DX / HVF nano plus / all titanium frame SiC guide]

Here is the answer that says that Heartland will make versatile rods that can be used in the national district. During the Heartland series, power is maintained with the taper balance of supported Gale, White Gale, Gale MH and the taper design changed from the tubular power slim to the fast taper design. By adopting the first HVF Nano Plus in Hartland as the main material, the taste of the tubular power slim of the HVF carbon is distinguished from the taste of the tubular power slim. In addition, by completely arming with 3DX of early return after having become X45 which controls distortion, it has become a blank with a sense of security with “light” with lightness when it was handed, and “cast” At times, the power loss due to twisting is suppressed, and the long throw performance is improved by the 3DX supporter effect. The taper designed by Haruhiko Murakami and Heartland has a Murakami tone that draws a bending curve that does not go down from the tip of the tip to the original, and has put a deep heart into how to accurately and precisely act on the lure It is a specification.