Versatile model of MH power. Recommended for Light Texas and Spinnerbait. It is also ideal for situations such as pitching at a short pitch or repeatedly casting a spinnerbait while placing the weight of the lure on the tip. It has excellent sensitivity performance, and is designed assuming a style where you can feel and bite.

SIC guide is used for bait tip.
Only bait adopts hybrid setting.

The elements that professionals who trail all over Japan in the tournament demanded from the rod are “accuracy performance” that allows the lure to be cast exactly where it is aimed and “operability” that allows the lure to be handled as desired.

To achieve this, we designed the world’s strongest high-strength carbon TORAYCART 1100G as the main material of the blanks.

You can cast it while firmly weighting the rod even in a fine stack, and you can feel a sharp swinging feeling due to the repulsive force of the rod, which is a benefit of the material.

It has excellent operability due to the significant weight reduction and does not reduce the angler’s concentration.

Aiming to be a rod that can perform the most important movements basically, whether it is boat fishing or “landing”, where “structure is carefully approached”.