Length: 6’5″

Power(Action): Solid Tip

Taper: Light+

Lure Wt.: 1/16-1/4oz.

Line: Lure,4-8lb

Price: 56,000yen(w/o TAX)

A dual personality interceptor that contains two contradictory factors of “delicate” and “powerful” in a single shaft is a super-aggressive spinning model that goes beyond the times.

The high-elasticity solid tip and the tubular blank with the power which seems to be excessive are made to be hybrid by the original manufacturing method, and it is finished in the atrocious shaft which realized the sensitivity, the operability, the hook set ability to the overwhelming.

The very delicate tip section brought life to the rig, and in the next moment when the slight change was transmitted to the angler, hook-up was already completed by a stalwart berry, and the outcome was as good as possible.

Fishing of power finesse in the light cover area combined with a thick fluorocarbon line or PE line also provides a clear and crisp alternative feeling of feel and has the power to pull the fish out of the cover forcefully.

As a super-aggressive fishing of warmth that tends to be captured by a conservative image!

The offensive spinning shaft is the interceptor for setting from the angler side.