A bait finesse rod that is indispensable in recent situations with many severe conditions in order to handle the same lure as spinning with higher precision with bait
TomAddict bait most flexible rod .
Beit finesse, of course, the best tapered rod for small shads and other scrolls.
In short, mature bait finesse.

You can simply throw something lighter. It can simply be manipulated delicately.
These are now basic performances that are commonplace in bait finesses.

This basic performance is extremely enhanced, and it is not a power that is always used to stop fish, but
a main blanks that has increased torque. Hybrid specification of solid + tubular. It is a bait finesse rod for

casting light lures more precisely than spinning, manipulating them more delicately, and reliably stopping the bath under any circumstances.

Detail -Detail-

TMA-BF66LFST is a hybrid model of solid tip + tubular.
It features a fast-returning blanks structure that Kamiya calls a high-speed taper.

Hybrid racing grip cork and EVA. Because EVA is slightly heavier,
control the center of gravity by bringing EVA to the rear grip . We remove weight to the limit and raise operability.

Fore Grip is eliminated, and the
operability is improved by reducing the weight and weight with the smart design .

According to
the characteristics of the guide rod, the balance of the blanks and the guide is exquisitely arranged with the unique concept of Kamiya .
From the top guide to the solid tip, it is a hybrid specification balanced with a lightweight, high-sensitivity titanium frame and a stainless steel frame that emphasizes strength to the butt.
Adopts Fujisic Ring Guide.

Butt Guide Reversal Specifications
Prevents interference with the guide frame due to line runaway during cast, contributing to an increase in flight distance.